bridging loans

What is a bridging loan?

Bridging Loans are short term financial products, typically with a maximum time period of 12 months. Our loans are secured against property that our clients hold title to, but is not occupied by the client or close family on a residential basis. It is important that our clients have a clearly defined exit strategy in place before taking a loan.

If you are considering a development project, we would like to see that you have experience in this area.
We insist that ALL of our clients are legally represented. All projects that we fund have to have appropriate buildings insurance with a noted interest for the lender.

We do not look at your credit rating, we consider the project to be funded. We are quick in communication and decisions, aiding projects that need funding “Right Now”.

Rates from as little as 1.1% per month.
Funding for projects up to 80% LTV.

Lending Criteria

You own the property you wish to borrow against and if residential, is not occupied by you or your close family
Have a realistic exit strategy
If Developing you have some form of property experience
Do not worry if you have BAD credit history
Customers that have been turned down by their banks
Need a quick cash injection
The property is insured with a noted interest for the lender
Both parties must be legally represented

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Rates from 1.1% pm
Commercial loans
2nd charge lending
1–12 month terms
Up to 80% LTV
Auction purchase
Bridging loan renewals

The Process

1. You contact us, we look at your property and your application. If we can offer a LTV and a rate you are happy with then we can proceed.  
2. We instruct a valuer. Once we get the valuation back we discuss this with the client and then if they are happy we proceed.  
3. Solicitors are then instructed to start preparing contracts, doing land registry searches and putting the necessary charges in place.  
4. Once documents are signed, charges are complete and checked the funds are transferred direct to the client.