bridging Loans

About Index Capital Finance Bridging Loans

We are a privately funded principal lender with proven success in the property sector. Our directors have extensive  background experience in property management which gives us a unique position in the marketplace allowing us to asses each case individually and set the lending criteria at our own discretion. Our main objective is to enable our clients to react quickly to situations and opportunities by offering a prompt and efficient service. With over 35 years combined experience within property, finance and surveying our senior team are able to asses and determine risk in the UK marketplace and offer simple yet bespoke financial solutions, even in the most complex of cases. Our Directors pride themselves in maintaining a close working relationship with all clients and are at close hand with our specialist team provide support and guidance.

We distribute our loans primarily, but not exclusively through brokers and property developers.

There is no “one size fits all” approach taken by Index Capital

We have vast experience of arranging loans for unusual lending scenarios, including starving repossessions corporation tax resolution, re-bridging existing bridging loans, business creditor settlements, evictions and bankruptcy petitions, among other possible scenarios.

“Our loans are as individual as you are”.

Being a principle lender, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity and transparency. In the event that we are unable to make an advance ourselves we will source and broker funding through 3rd party lenders, high net worth individuals or other funding institutions.

We do the hard work to find the best possible deal for you whether it be from our own funding or via an alternative funding source.

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